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20-Dec-2017 22:29

This is probably the most fun I have as a games editor all year, because this is my space to dream a little, to wish for things that probably won't happen, and envision a future that is a little brighter.

We had a lot of things to complain about in the past year, many of which have brought a new awareness to the games industry and community.

Cost of the Xbox One stereo headset will be .99 at launch.

More information will be released about the stereo headset but only a few details are currently being released.

Voice chat will be enabled with connecting a 2.5 mm chat cable to the adapter and legacy headset.

Now I would assume those that have the current wireless adapter such as used on the Turtle Beach XP400 will be out of luck trying to keep things wireless unless Microsoft and their peripheral partners are working on something.

I guess that is something we will find out in the coming months from those manufacturers.

I hope Rare takes a step in the right direction this year, on the way to its former glory. There's no better way to re-establish credibility than to re-introduce a classic IP, such as I talked about the future of Batman games in a past article, so I won't go to deep on what that future might look like.Microsoft says it will be a “full-range (20Hz – 20k Hz) audo spectrum” headset for the deepest bass and clearest high frequencies.The Xbox One stereo headset will come attached to its own headset adapter and that is all you will need to use the stereo headset with the Xbox One.If you're a fan of the gaming industry or culture, you like knowing random geeky facts or are a bit of a technological wizard, you'd know by now that the state of gaming has changed a lot in the last 30 years. Once upon a time we had to head to arcades in order to achieve our sprite-based fixes, but then along came the #Video Games console and literally everything changed.

But besides the release of the very first home games console—which we should all know was the Magnavox Odyssey—what are the greatest achievements this young art form has managed to accomplish over the years? See also: Though early fans of video games were happily content with Ponging it about all over town and losing an almost endless supply of quarters in Space Invaders cabinets, in the late '70s a new kind of game was being forged on a humble DEC PDP-10 mainframe computer.

Designed to withstand over 1 million strikes, the durable rubber construction ensures the drumheads will outlast your frenetic drumming. The ultimate superhero brawl, in which you save the world from an alien invasion. Remastered with new graphics, co-op play over Xbox Live, 6 reimagined multi player maps, a brand new Firefight mission and an enhanced story, this is combat evolved at its best!

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