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13-Aug-2017 18:32

Depending on the original purchasing SKU and/or current status of the phone it will be set to one of two options by default: Generic or Lync.

(Note that “Lync” base profile was renamed to “Skype” in version 5.5.1, but they function the same.) When a VVX phone is set to Generic then the Web Configuration Utility will be enabled by default, but as this phone is or will be used with Lync/Sf B environments it is best to set or confirm this parameter before doing anything else.

Cloud Foundry-based environment on SAP Cloud Platform includes an SAP HANA as a Service offering, which enables the XS Advanced Programming Model now also on SAP Cloud Platform.A critical component of this improvement is rethinking and reworking the organization of community content. Since its incubation, openness has been a key principle guiding every decision and many of the announcements shared today build on that philosophy.