Ajaxformcomponentupdatingbehavior events

31-Jul-2017 08:37

Basic Wicket Form validation Consider a simple HTML form with fields that carry wicket:id attributes.We will apply certain validation rules to the 'name' and 'age' elements shortly.However, to get it running right from the start, the jetty webserver is embedded as well. Thus you can directly launch and use the sample application, without the burden of having to install a webserver. This allows a more fine grained way of telling which paths are part of the web application, allowing to put multiple kind of files on the same webserver even if some of them aren't managed by Wicket.Furthermore, the turnaround time (time of restart) of Jetty is pretty low (I had read that it was among the shortest... It's all you need to have your first Wicket application running !As a result, when the On Event handler of the Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior fires, it looks as if there was no selection in the first Drop Down Choice. These model updates and/or ajax functionality cause a lot of problems for Wicket Tester in our experience.I think that you just need to make your tests more static, e.g. When making a choice in the first, the choices in the second are updated using Ajax Form Component Updating Behavior. Could anyone tell me what the recommended way is to unit-test the above case?(Just like in the Drop Down Choice Example of the "live action" Wicket Examples ( I tried using Wicket Tester with Form Tester but I cannot have the model of the first Drop Down Choice updated as a response to making a selection in it.

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I didn't test int with Bootswatch / Material The samples run with Bootswatch theme by default. To change the theme provider (to Bootstrap, Material Design or Vegibit) you have to edit Wicket directly. 2- An "Text Field" component that creates the a hidden input client side so that text is synchronized with hidden field when it changes.These rules will kick in on click of the submit button.Wicket has a Feedback Panel that displays the error messages captured during form validation.With Selenium Test Case of Wicket Bench you can test individual components with Selenium on Firefox to complement Wicket Tester, which is an approach we used with success on our previous project that was on Java 5 (required by Wicket Bench). Wicket-user mailing list [hidden email] https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/wicket-user welcome! Wicket-user mailing list [hidden email] https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/wicket-user there was no selection in the first Drop Down Choice.

There's practically nothing that you couldn't test in Wicket like that, our ui code line coverage was well over 90 % in that project. ) If you can, do it before the book comes out please :) We still have to write about unit testing. Can you please provide a sample code for your test? Wicket-user mailing list [hidden email] https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/wicket-user Hi Here is the code for the test-case.one test to see that the on Event handler is called and then another one where you set the model of the first Drop Down Choice beforehand.

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