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He was suspected as gay and the people also doubted on him.However, Gale does not seem to be a gay man in real life because we all have already witnessed quite the drama that happened between him and his ex-girlfriend.Afterwards I had to re-think life from almost every angle.I learned how lucky I am not only to be alive, but to be surrounded by the wonderful people in my life who came to my side, looked after me and gave me an anchor to rely on. I ride with my good friend Hugo and a Scottish genius named Leif Lewis who I rely on to look after all the serious work my motos need.

He played the leading man in the indie hit film Falling for Grace. His father was an engineer and his mother a real estate agent.In early 2014, Gale made the headlines, along with his girlfriend, but in a shocking way. Reports suggest that Danielle attempted assault when she tried to strike Gale outside a restaurant with a mason jar that happened to be full of coins.The couple called it quits, and Gale moved on but Danielle couldn’t. The event went to court where Gale said the attack came after a couple of days of the split.Because Harold's parents were devout Pentecostals, he had strict religious upbringing. Following graduation from The Lovett School, Harold attended American University in Washington, DC, on a soccer scholarship.

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He began a Liberal Arts degree in romance literature, departing after a few months and moved to San Francisco, California to study photography at the San Francisco Art Institute.

He worked a variety of jobs including construction, bartender, waiter, and apprentice motorcycle mechanic and restorer.