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The text of the Rome Statute does not explicitly define sexual enslavement, but does define enslavement as "the exercise of any or all of the powers attaching to the right of ownership over a person and includes the exercise of such power in the course of trafficking in persons, in particular women and children" (Article 7.2.c).Sexual slavery is particular form of enslavement which includes limitations on one's autonomy, freedom of movement and power to decide matters relating to one's sexual activity.Two people who are related to each other by blood or adoption must enter into a partner agreement in order to become adult interdependent partners.Restrictions ^ TOP ^ General The general rule is that when common-law couples separate, each party keeps the property bought during the relationship that they paid for or that is registered in their name.The Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action calls for an international effort to eradicate sexual slavery as an abuse of human rights.The incidence of sexual slavery by country has been studied and tabulated by UNESCO, with the cooperation of various international agencies.Concubinage was a traditional form of sexual slavery in many cultures, in which women spent their lives in sexual servitude.In some cultures, concubines and their children had distinct rights and legitimate social positions.

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Contact information for the National Film Board and all public libraries/organizations across Canada that loan titles from this collection.

You can purchase videos covering a wide range of social issues, including domestic violence and abuse.

The Social catalogue is available on the web site or 1-800-263-6910.

Generally, you want to provide the last name of the author and the specific page numbers of the source.

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A website is a collection of informational pages on the Internet.The Matrimonial Property Act, the provincial law which governs the division of property of married people does not apply to common-law partners.