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Code and changelogs are available here for 1.6 and here for 1.5 as usual. It fixes a few regressions introduced during 1.7 and some painful bugs pre-dating 1.6 related to behaviour under low memory condition (thus expect 1.6.11 soon).The most notable 1.7 regressions that were fixed concern the CONNECT method which stopped working in 1.7, two typos on "show stat resolvers" and "show tls-keys" causing the output to be empty, a possible crash with "show stat" on a backend with no LB algorithm (dates back to 1.4 except that it would print "(nil)" by then), and support for Libre SSL was fixed. It is considered by some of its contributors as the cleanest release ever produced.This will ensure that all versions are always covered in details for everyone.The News section will only be updated for breaking news, and not for every new minor release anymore. It fixes a few remaining bugs affecting 1.7, mostly related to DNS, Lua, header rewriting, and compression for the more serious ones. For the details, please check the announcement here. There was nothing really critical on the 1.6 front but a number of fixes were pending among which some against painful bugs when hitting out of memory conditions.

That functionality will be available in the documented API firmware that I’m working on as we speak.This page lists updates to Terraria along with the changes made in each update.