Laws on dating violence

07-Oct-2017 13:51

I’ve seen this situation countless times, and I know how difficult it is to be accused of this crime.Please call me to find out what I can do to fight for your against these charges.Definition of Domestic Violence Domestic violence refers to violent acts committed by a family or household member against another, such as child abuse or the mistreatment of one’s spouse.Domestic violence can refer to physical harm inflicted on a member of a household or family, by another member of the same household or family.A family violence crime, in addition to its other elements, “contains as an element an act of family violence to a family member and shall not include acts by parents or guardians disciplining minor children unless such acts constitute abuse.” (CGS § 46b-38a (3)) In Connecticut, “Family or household members” are spouses, former spouses, parents and their children, people age 18 or older related by blood or marriage, people age 16 or older either living together or who have lived together, people who have a child together whether or not they are or have been married or have lived together, and persons in, or have recently been in, a dating relationship (CGS § 46b-38a (2)) Police respond to violent incidents involving family members. In responding to a family dispute, a police officer finds no cause to arrest, the officer must remain on the scene until the threat of violence has been eliminated (CGS § 46b-38b).Police officers who respond to a family violence incident must complete a family violence offense report whether or not an arrest is made.

Anyone can become a domestic violence offender or victim. Many states define domestic violence as a distinct crime.

Family violence is when someone uses abusive behaviour to control and/or harm a member of their family, or someone with whom they have an intimate relationship.